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erin-warner asked:

I saw on one of your responses you attend a PWI. What made you attend a PWI? Not saying there's anything wrong with PWI's but I came from an all-white situation to attend Howard and it's honestly the best decision I've ever made in regards to becoming more aware of white privilege and how it affects both the corporate/working world and every day life as well as discovering what it really is to be black. I'm just curious as to why someone who seems so invested in PoC issues would attend a PWI.







Elijah’s out of town so I’ll answer this real quick until he can respond:

~*You don’t have to go to a HBCU to be aware of white privilege*~

~*You don’t have to go to a HBCU to discover your Blackness*~

Shit I learned that through tumblr readings and through one class at my dinky ass state college.


I don’t understand the idea of going to a HBCU to understand what it really is to be black. Wouldn’t your parents have taught you that? I mean…I knew about that from a young age and was aware of white privilege at least since freshman year of high school.

nikkisshadetree, I can only speak for me as to why I attended Spelman College, a HBCU. I went to predominantly white schools all through elementary and high school and my mother certainly instilled in me a great deal of self pride especially since my mother was an old radical power to the people former Muslim follower of Malcolm X. But while she instilled those things in me, I honestly struggled with my identity in that most of my friends were white and my friends tended to be from two parent middle and upper middle class homes. And when you’re a kid it’s hard to appreciate your sense of self when all you want to do is fit in, wear the latest designer clothes like my friends, have a weekend and summer homes like my friends and not live in the roughest parts of Brooklyn.

I didn’t truly understand or appreciate the concepts of white privilege and racial pride until I was a teenager when I converted from the Catholic Church to the Baptist Church. And within my black activist Baptist Church, I saw awesome, well educated, professional black people who for the most part went to HBCUs and encouraged the young people of the church to do same. Their influence along with my reading “The Autobiography of Malcolm X” in my Junior year led me to apply only to HBCUs for college. Although my white nun guidance counselor told me that I’d be limiting myself by attending a black school.  I knew I wanted to be a lawyer but I said you know what white folks and white schools will always be there but for only 4 years of my total academic life let me be amongst my own and for me it was the most nurturing and rewarding educational experience of my entire life.

belindapendragon I get what you are saying, it’s just that the OP’s wording was weird as if you can only learn about blackness and white privilege at a HBCU, which isn’t true.

Me going to my PWI, it was the first time I was ever really around white people (or had white friends), so I came in very secure with my blackness and identity, etc etc.

And I completely get your perspective as well nikkisshadetree and we absolutely agree that learning about blackness and white privilege does not happen solely within the confines of HBCUs :):):)

I feel y’all 100% and i understand the importance of learning about one’s own blackness and learning about white privilege and all subjects pertaining to such but for me it was just the least expensive choice. 

Keep in mind school is expensive as is and a lot of HBCUs are private. I know a lot of people that wanted to go to HBCUs but couldn’t because they couldn’t afford it without a considerable scholarship so they ended up having to settle with a PWI that was more affordable. 

I guess i was fortunate to already be firm in my blackness and having been educated in systematic oppression that it wasn’t inhibiting my personal development to choose the school i did, but keep in mind that dollars and cents can be just as, if not more, important as quality and extensiveness of a higher learning when it comes to picking schools.



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